Let Us Tell You a Two-Wheeled Story of Inspiration
With the increase of MTA fares, biking for us became a daily habit. We soon kicked the ritual of taking trains altogether, and now are free. Our bike rides allow us to explore the urban centers, the historic neighborhoods, the funky food spots, the culturally exquisite bars, the plentiful scenic vistas, and so much more that goes undiscovered to the everyday commuter. We felt it's only natural to combine our fervor for biking with our passion for organizing celebratory get-togethers.

What's This S.H.I.T. About?
Our annual rides span every borough of the great New York City, emphasizing the unparalleled mix of scenic detours with the melting pot cultures of each city neighborhood. 

NYC is the cultural capital of the world, and dare we say - the universe. There are more than 150 different nationalities residing in NYC and, on average, you're bound to hear 10 different languages a day. This is a city filled with the most breathtaking public parks in all of the United States, and also offers some of the planet's best places to eat. Our goal is to reveal these hidden gems and at the same time, raise money for local charities. 

This is a bike ride to get you from one mini event to another. Each location is carefully chosen and intentionally planned. We like breaks and we take them often. We enjoy the sunshine, the cool breeze, having a drink at a nearby bar, or chowing down on some tapas at that local Spanish joint. 

For each ride we accept donations and raise money for local charities. Our passion for biking, organizing events and giving back to the community comes together in what you see here, the S.H.I.T. ride

Why give a S.H.I.T.?
100% of our profit goes to charities.

Why S.H.I.T.? 
Shit happens all the time. During the ride, there's a lot of shit to face: your tire might pop, your beer might spill, you might smell some shit, heck you might even ride over some shit. Years back, we used the name S.H.I.T. "Super Hip Individual Transport", to represent a page we founded on fb to share stuff related to bikes. Years later, we create a bike ride and are looking to find a name for it. Well what do you know? S.H.I.T. happened. 

Who could join?
Someone who could bike. An expensive bike is not necessary nor is experience in biking. Willingness to learn and discover NYC is. Contact us for instructions on joining. This is how you'll know where and what time the ride will begin. 

Don't Have A Bike?
Check with us. We might have one for you.

Willing To Donate A Bike?
Contact us. You'll make someone else very happy.

Our excitement for biking around NYC streets and discovering cool new places has led us here, to share this experience with others like you. During September of 2014, we organized our first S.H.I.T. ride and we'd like to give a big Thank you to all who supported us!

Thanks for checking us out,
Super Hip Individual Transport