General Questions

1. How long is the ride?
Gather at 9 am we will leave by 10:30 am and arriving at the last stop at around 11 pm. 

2. How many miles is the ride?
Average of 70 miles

3. 70 miles!? That's a lot. How will I make it?
One pedal after the other. That's how. It's easy. We make rest stops often. 

4. How long are the rest stops?
They're about 40 minutes to an hour depending on the spot. 

5. What kind of spots?
Different kind. Please read details of the ride.

6. How much does it cost?
It's free. Donations for charity are encouraged. 

7. What's this charity thing about?
We decide on a single charity to raise money for by biking. Check our donations page for charity info.

8. I don't have a bike and want to join.
Rent a bike for a day. There are many rental spots in NYC. Rentals range between $35 to $60 for a full day. 

Spinlister: How to video. Strongly recommended. Cheapest option ($20 - $40 rentals). Great reviews and feedback.
Rental Spots:
Ride Brooklyn: ( Brooklyn: Park Slope - 468 Bergen St | Williamsburg - 50 North 7th St ) Yes reservations. Reserve a week ahead please.
9th Street Cycles: ( Brooklyn: Park Slope - 375 9th St. ) No reservations. First come first serve. They alway have bikes.
Bicycle Habitat: ( Manhattan: Soho - 244 & 250 Lafayette St ) No reservations. Alway have bikes available for rental. 

If these options don't suit you please contact us -

9. How many people will there be?
2014, our first year we got 25 and average a solid 30 people. Our limit is 50 and if more people join we will be introducing a second ride. 

10. Looks awesome, but I can't join until later in the day. 
We encourage everyone to meet in the beginning. If you can't and still want to join, catch up to us where ever we are at that given time. 

11. Is it cool to leave earlier?
Nope. We will tie you down, call you a nasty bitch and leave you in the street. Come and leave as you please of course.